Scienta and Slow Science in Ecopoetry and Science Fiction

Investigator: Molina Klingler, M.A.

My project scrutinizes the role of scienta in the genres of ecopoetry and science fiction. Both genres acknowledge and reevaluate the presence and influence of non-human agencies, which often present different modes of generating and distributing knowledge. These agencies question the validity of what qualifies as scienta and provide countermodels to anthropocentric structures in the knowledge economy of Western societies. The analysis of selected primary texts (including, among others, the contemporary ecopoetry of Rita Wong and Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis trilogy) will be embedded in a discussion of Isabelle Stenger’s plea for a slow science that promotes the cultivation of a public intelligence of “connoisseurs.” Ultimately, this project aims to render visible how poetic and prose texts offer spaces of alterity that challenge epistemological and ontological paradigms of prevalent knowledge systems.