Molina Klingler, M.A.

Molina Klingler is a PhD student at the Graduate School of the Humanities, University of Würzburg (JMU). She graduated from the JMU and the University of Eastern Illinois with an M.A. with distinction in American Studies/German Studies and completed a teaching degree (“Staatsexamen Gymnasium”). Currently, she works as lecturer and assistant to the executive director of the GAAS (German Association for American Studies). Her PhD project “The Unalienablie Right of Life: Multispecies Democracy and Speculative Writing” (working title) is located in the field of American Studies and the Environmental Humanities. It explores the relation between the literary imagination, knowledge and environmental policy and politics from an ecocritical perspective. Further research interests include narratology, biopolitics and law, and poetry. As a member of the network, she will conduct a research project on Scienta and Slow Science in Ecopoetry and Science Fiction.”